Make an HTML5 gallery for your Website

Juicebox is an easy way to make a professional- looking HTML5 gallery for your website or blog, so you don’t need an image-hosting service like Flickr or Picasa. Juicebox automatically optimises it for all major browsers and devices. To get the most from HTML5, you need to install Adobe Air for free.

Top 5 Free Stock Resources

Every now and then, web designers need photographs to work with. The best way of making use of stock resources is to use them according to their licensing. From many good websites, which provide free stock resources – we have picked the top 5 to make your search easy. You will find photos, graphics, 3D […]

Painting light on a bright day

Painting bright, natural light throws up its own unique problems and solutions. There are some key ideas to get a handle on, but the main ones are the relationship between light shadow, as well as how light reacts to different surfaces and colors.

Top 10 Free Programs you must try in 2012

backup from comodo

We have handpicked 10 top pieces of software that you simply must use in 2012 to make the most of your PC and the web. As we head into 2012, it’s time to think about how you can keep your PC fit, fast and up to date for the next 12 months. That means knowing […]