All businesses have documents that they would rather keep private. It could be documents about their staff, about new a project or innovations, or the financial affairs of the company. Unless they want them in the public domain, they have to be able to know they will not be seen by anyone other than authorized personnel.  As more information is now kept online, some business owners are concerned that they do not know how to securely store sensitive business documents.

What Business Owners are Trying to Avoid

Many business owners are often excellent at running their own company and become experts in their own trade or professions. But every once in a while, a business owner will have to click here to procure IT services so they can manage their customer base. When it comes to new technology online, some of them are totally lost. They may have heard of the cloud, and think that storing their sensitive documents there is safe. However, the cloud is in the public domain, so is not that difficult for hackers to get into.

Hackers can be the biggest problem of all, because they will often threaten the person whose information they have obtained, expecting to be paid not to reveal it. The issue really is how does a business owner know they can trust them if they have been dishonest enough to hack the businesses files in the first place?

There is also the problem of other people within the company coming across information accidentally if they are trying to retrieve other documents from the cloud. They could contain information that was not meant for the eyes of the staff, and it could create internal conflict if this happens.

The Solution

The best way to be certain that a business’s sensitive documents are securely stored is to use a service such as Secure Drive, which is a new standard in hardware encrypted data storage. This pairs security with durability, so even if the drive is lost, data cannot be compromised because the security features bar access.  However, should you fall victim to a security breach, it is wise to look at the services provided by Secure Data Recovery.

Knowing that their sensitive documents are safe can be a big relief for business owners and can let them get on with what they are best at, running their company.

What Is Data Encryption?

Data encryption changes data into a different form or code, and only persons with access to a secret key or password can unencrypt the information. It is used to protect digital data confidentiality when it is stored or transmitted online or when using computer networks. Modern encryption plays a critical role in the security of IT systems and communications.

Drive key security provides authentication, integrity and non-repudiation. Authentication verifies the messages origin and integrity proves the documents have not been changed since they were sent. Non-repudiation means that the sender cannot deny sending the message.

The Importance of Keeping Business Documents Secure

Keeping business documents secure is vitally important. There is always information that a business would not want to fall into the hands of their competitors, for instance, as this could have consequences that could ruin a business. As technology evolves so does the amount of data stored online, or the bigger the likelihood is of other people seeing what businesses do not what them to. But technology is also coming up with better security measures to counteract this possibility, so that business owners can be certain their documents are safe.

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